January 6, 2023

Experiencing unexpected challenges and overcoming adversity before and during the pandemonium that struck the world, Michael and Karen Iacobbo, filmmaking husband-and-wife duo, are now back on track, full speed ahead in making films. The couple is eagerly working on projects of 2023 and beyond.

Michael and Karen are thankful to God, and they thank once again their cast and crews on past film projects for contributions of time, energy, skill, and talent, and wish them continuing success in 2023.

Also Michael and Karen thank the talented cast and crew, who in the midst of the maelstrom, created with them a short “Tell Her”, that’s part of a film series and was a selection at a film festival.

Watch Tell Her here

In 2021, the Iacobbos created their first music video. They appreciate the opportunity to feature a gifted opera singer and the breathtaking background of nature in Rhode Island. The music video has thus far won several awards.

Watch music video here

The Iacobbos are now ready to soon release a long delayed sci-fi feature length thriller, and more, including their newest project, a short docudrama about Rhode Island.


Award-winning filmmaker Michael Iacobbo is also an author and freelance reporter. He has worked for Associated Press, The Providence Phoenix, and was an editor with Fashion Accessories trade newspaper. Michael has taught math at the college level and holds degrees in computer science and managerial economics.

Karen Iacobbo is an award-winning filmmaker and fiction writer. A personal consultant, photographer, freelance reporter, and author, Karen taught for twenty years at three colleges and specializes in teaching writing, film studies, public speaking, critical reading, and 20th Century art and culture. Her writing interests include vegetarian history, natural medicine, Italian-American culture, and animal rights history, and she writes Twilight Zone style stories, thrillers, science fiction, Gothic romance, and young adult fiction.

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