“The film is well-made, handsomely dressed, authentic in period detail and well-acted.”

Official Selection

Providence Lyceum is thrilled that their feature “House of Shadows” is an Official Selection of Clifton Film Celebration, Clifton, Virginia. Thank you to Darrell Poe & CFC for the honor. Congratulations HOS cast & crew, say Michael Iacobbo, co-director/producer and Karen Iacobbo, writer/producer/co-director of House of Shadows. The film is about a 19th century force awakened when a Victorian mansion is slated for destruction. The film stars Joe Michael Phillips and Jami Tennille, along with Suzanne McCormick, Olivia Sage Pentell, Lawrence O’Leary, Kevin Cahill, Adam Buxbaum, and Linda Colvin, Malcolm Cameron, Peggy Passarelli and Josh Passerelli, and George Alford and Linda Alford. Special appearance by Ms. B. Hayes, whose impressive filmography includes an appearance on Dark Shadows ,the 1966-71 TV series, one inspiration for the film. House of Shadows, made on an ultra low $5000. budget, was shot at mansions in Rhode Island: Malbone Estate in Newport (same city of Dark ShadowsCollinwood, aka Carey mansion), Governor Henry.Lippitt House museum in Providence, Gov. Sprague Mansion, Cranston, as well as at The Museum of Work and Culture, Woonsocket.

Photography is by Josh Csehak of Magic Goggles. Original music was composed and performed by Roger Bruno and Ellen Schwartz of Boenel Productions.Paintings in the film are by Betsy MacDonald. Graphic design title and poster are by Eric Benson.

Veteran film director-writer Hal Hamilton, whose work includes projects for the BBC and ITV, says of the Iacobbos’ House of Shadows: “The film is well-made, handsomely dressed, authentic in period detail and well-acted. Several exteriors hit the bell – New England is haunted.”