Providence Lyceum LLC


Providence Lyceum LLC was established by Rhode Islanders Michael Iacobbo and Karen Iacobbo in 2010. They bring a wealth of life experience to filmmaking. Michael and Karen come from a background of journalism and fiction writing. As storytellers, their major purpose in establishing their independent filmmaking company is to make narrative films, as well as documentaries, about the lives of people involved in the issues of our times.


Their first film, ‘The Unproductive’, is a dark Twilight Zone-like story about two cousins at odds over euthanasia. The film, at 22 minutes the same length as an episode of the old TV show, depicts how euthanasia can tear people apart, how helpless people can feel when having to choose life or death for a loved one, and the film is about how perception affects reality. ‘The Unproductive’ was inspired by the saga of Terri (Schindler) Schiavo.


“For our first film venture ‘The Unproductive’, we had the vision, and the story, and we consulted with veteran filmmakers for their expertise. As we moved into making our second film ‘House of Shadows’, soon to be released, our confidence and experience as filmmakers dramatically increased. All that we had learned by watching films, by writing screenplays, and by studying the art and craft of film kicked in. The best way to learn filmmaking is to do it. Remain true to your own vision, no matter what,” says Michael.


The Iacobbos second film venture ‘House of Shadows’ is an hour-long Gothic inspired by the ‘Dark Shadows’ TV series. When a mansion in the family of a famous Victorian poet is taken by eminent domain in 2012 for a planned flood, a force is awakened. The film takes the audience from the current day back to 1893.


Karen says she and Michael keep learning and are dedicated to filmmaking. “Films focus the mind’s attention, and can offer a window into other realms to entertain, and even disturb, inspire, or empower the viewer,” says Karen, who writes short stories as well as screenplays. Her short story Federal Hill Festival will be published in Italian Americana in 2013, and her story Benny, Canine Brother won the Animal Print magazine dog story contest (2010). Karen writes the stories and together she and Michael write the screenplays. Both Iacobbos have directed and produced Providence Lyceum films.


Karen is interested in the power of words and images to reflect or create reality. An adjunct college instructor of writing and public speaking, she holds degrees in psychology and English. Michael, a former local reporter with the Associated Press, holds degrees in Business Administration, Managerial Economics, and Computer Information Systems.      phone: 401-339-0131           


To be awake is to be alive.”  Henry David Thoreau   Walden 1854