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Workshops & Classes for Middle & High School Students

Each workshop and class is tailored to the needs and interests of your pod, co-op, or individual student.

Workshops and classes offered at our Johnston, Rhode Island office, or at your home, or a group space.


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About: As a college professor (adjunct) of 20 years, teaching at three colleges, I am experienced at creating course content to interest and challenge students and provide intellectual stimulation and practical application. Students develop their talents, learn skills, and discover how what they’re learning is useful. I am also a freelance reporter, published short story writer, nonfiction author, award-winning filmmaker who is a personal consultant-coach with a background in human services, a degree in Liberal Arts (psychology major), and Master’s in English.

My partner-spouse is a business owner, award-nominated filmmaker, non-fiction author and former reporter who is a personal consultant-coach and holds degrees in business, managerial economics, and computer science.

American 19th Century Literature

Film as Art – an Introduction

American Art 20th History & Culture

Basic Economics

Public Speaking

Understanding Persuasion & Media

Citizen Journalism: Reporting & Interviewing

Beginning Filmmaking

Beginning Screenwriting

Public Speaking

Writing the Short Story

Writing Essays

Business Writing

American Vegetarian History

Also Available: Math, Sciences, Art, Music, Computer Programming, and more

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