Classical Reunion

Classical High School Class of 1959 Reunion

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Classical High School Reunion of 1959
Welcome to the photo, slideshow, and video gallery of June 14, 2019 party at the Hope Club in Providence.
The photos and the videos (one general video of the party and individual videos of speeches and videos of each interview) are downloadable. The first 8 photos in the photo section captured the classmates at each table.
We were pleased to have the opportunity to meet and work with you. You are a great class!
Thank you Mrs. Harle H. Tinney for offering us the opportunity to work with you, and a  thank you to Dr. Ronald Stewart.
This was an uncompensated job done at the request from a friend. (Donation button below)If you have any questions ,feel free to contact us at 401-339-0131. We would be happy to interview you or take more photos.
Best regards, Michael and Karen Iacobbo Providence Lyceum


Link to event video

speech 1

Speech 2

Speech 3

Speech 4






Deceased Classmates





Interview 1

Interview 2

Interview 3

Interview 4

Interview 5

Interview 6

Interview 7

Interview 8















Interview 9