Providence Lyceum announces the release of the trailer for their forthcoming scifi thriller film Device.

The film stars  Kevin Cahill as Francisco ‘Frankie’ Corragio.

Frankie, genius grad student in neuropsychology, writes behavior prediction software; success beckons at the giant Veneeric Corporation when Frankie sees something he’s not supposed to that threatens his very existence.

Device also stars accomplished actresses Suzanne McCormick as the professor and

Kristina Horan (2016 first runner-up of the Miss Rhode Island pageant) as Frankie’s girlfriend.

Other renown regional and local talent in Device includes Brenda Chiavarini, Connor Holden, Karen Ann Martino, Marc Tiberiis, Bob Parillo, Liane Czirjak, Mark Zaccaria, Elizabeth O. Smith, Sissy O’Hara, Aaron Andrade, Nathan Suher, Rosemary Pacheco, Kayla Caulfield, Giselle Rodrii, Gwen Kosak, Anthony Demings, Graziano Molteni, Alda Kaye, Susan Laks-Olsen, Greg Tripp

New cast members  includes Rachael L. McIntosh, John Waskiel, Edwin Gabriel Fernandez, Lawrence Ferreira, Aidan Norton, Mike Perella, Nour Hamond, Diana Hamond, Becky Giambarressi, Jennifer Holmes, Deborah Burlingame, Nicole Scaramuzzi, Steve Carlson, Christian Guillen, Chris Seeley, Africia Ben, Katie Krakue, David Parries, Penny Drahos, Mark Silvestri, Steve Ravo, Damien Santoro, Dorthea Lipscomb, Camille Spicola

Photographer -John Mahoney

Additional Photography – Rajah Samaroo

Karen Iacobbo – Director, Producer, Screenwriter –

Michael Iacobbo- Assistant Director

Brenda Chiavarini -Assistant Director

Lawrence Ferriera – Production Assistant, Sound Recorder, Camera Assistant

Aidan Norton – Production Assistant, Camera Assistant

Orin Siliya – 1st Camera Assistant

Patrycja Pawlak – 1st Camera Assistant

Other Production Assistants:

Kim Kekligian Stamoulis

Nathan Shorte-Pouzioux

Victoria Rogers

Sarah Dunn

Alda Kaye

Steve Carlson

Penny Drahos

Katrina Rossi

Suzanne McCormick

Kristina Horan

Latel Dulcine

Anthony Demings

Allie Marshall

Makeup Artist

Lauren Buckman


Jenn Medeiros

Additional Makeup Artists & Hairstylists:

Newport School of Hairdressing for Hair, Skin and Nails – Artist and Stylist

Alicia M. Adames

Paul Mitchell The School Rhode Island – Artists and Stylists

Keara Enos, Libby Pimentel, Janelle Willett, Sasha Bork

Aveda Institute Rhode Island – Artists and Stylists

Lauren Borrelli, Julie Dasilva, Sail Ho, Maryna Chekova,

Katie Turchetta, Olivia Schroder


Angelo’s Civita Farnese Restaurant

Community College of Rhode Island – Liston & Knight Campuses

Walter Crocker

Cathy Bio


Anthony Demings

David Parries

Brooklyn Coffee Tea House

The Purple Cat & Winery

Dan Ribeiro,  Jennifer Holmes

Ladder 133 and The Jake

Damian Santoro


Providence Lyceum’s

Device Party, June 2015

Special Thank You to

Our Hosts

Anthony Demings

David Parries

both of Brooklyn Coffee Tea House, 209 Douglas Avenue, Providence, Rhode Island


Brenda Chiavarini

Allie Marshall

Our Party Helpers:

John and Diane Wenckellium

Carol Iacobbo

Al and Donna Nardolillo

Raymond Tomasso and Gloria Tomasso

Penny Drahos

Nathan Shorte Pouzioux

Jim and Cindy Fiedler

Liane Czirjak

Karen Ann Martino

Bob Parillo

Thank you to the Performers:

Kristina Horan – classical and Broadway trained singer, performs show or pop tunes with her accompanist.

kristina at device party for prov lyceum

Chuck Williams photo at “Chuck’s lyrics and melodies are a musical journey reflecting emotions of everyday life brought to you through the stories within his songs. If you feel his style is rooted in the American folk-rock tradition, you would be on the right path that leads to this musician’s memorable songs. Rhode Islands Motif Music Awards has nominated Chuck as Singer/Songwriter of the Year (’07, ’08, ’09, ‘11), for Album Of the Year (’07, ’08 and ‘10) and Best Folk Act (’07, ‘12).chuck williams



Chris Seeley – rock vocalist, drummer, lyricist, composer, arranger. From his about to be launched album’s notes: “In comparison to the reptile capable of changing colour and adapting to its environment so as to ensure survival, the music of Kamellian represents a matrix capable of producing whatever styles and “colours” that may be desired! Thus, a wide range of musical variety is presented, with much respect for the past as well as the future! Relax, enjoy and be enlightened!”

Dorthea Liscomb, rhythm and blues singer, is a music major enrolled in college who has a background in nightclub performances and will perform Whitney Houston-type music.

Also Thank You to:

Allie Kaye

Camille Spicola

Mr. and Mrs. Horan

Ron Young

Ken and Lorraine Jessup

Juliann Cerrito

Kevin Cahill

Rajah Samaroo

Rachael L. McIntosh

Tim Scott

Jenn Sherman

Gwen Kosak and Guest

Lauren Buckman and Guests

Clark R. Smith and Elizabeth O. Smith

Marc Tiberiis