Newport Castle

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In 1964, pre-med student Carrie’s life is smooth sailing until a mysterious older man blows onto her path like a tempest. Can Carrie sustain in the storm, or will the Newport man twist her off course?

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Actor Bios


Sanford-Covell Villa Marina

Sprague Mansion

Ciro’s Tavern

City of Providence, Rhode Island Providence Parks

Newport Artillery Museum

Cliff Walk, Newport, Rhode Island

Brooklyn Coffee Tea & Guest House

“The Pam” Yacht



Other Newport Castle Photos



Kristina Horan as Carrie
Kevin Cahill as Cade
Kayla Caulfield as Patrice Von Rich
Connor Holden as Bobby the Beatnik
Katrina Rossi as Misty
Nathan Suher as Beatnik Club Manager/Poet
Tim Scott as The Monk

Actors – in order of appearance

Tiffany Howcraft – Tour Guide
Ron Young – Joke Man at Yacht Club Party
Harle Tinney – Lady at Yacht Club Party; Lady at Alicourt Castle
Allie Kaye – Alicourt Castle Manager
Linda Colvin – Mrs. Von Rich (Patrice’s Grandmother)
Gisell Rodrii – Server at Yacht Club; Clerk at Newport Artillary Museum
Sissy O’Hara – Lady jokes with Cade
Susan Laks-Olsen – Lady flirts with Cade
Suzanne McCormick – Cade’s Aunt
David Lacreta – Joke Man with ice cube
Karen Ann Martino – Mrs. Alicourt (Cade’s Mother)
Keith Johnson – Mr. Alicourt (Cade’s Father)
Robert Edenbach  – Colonel at Newport Artllary Museum
Anne Ramsey Cuvelier – Lady at Alicourt Castle
Nadja Santos – Beatnik Lady
Christopher Silva – Beatnik Man Poet
Africia Ben – Beatnik Lady Poet

Yacht Club Partiers – Other

Vlad Vronsky
David Joaquin
Christine Schmidt
Paul Schmidt
Allie Kaye
Carrie Decker
Sarah Roy
Gregg Mierka


Nyuanru (aka “NICE”) P. Ben
Marcus Verela

Carrie’s Parents

Steven Lupo
Diana Lupo

Voiceover Actors

Diane Lupo
Steven Lupo
Ron Young
Deborah Jennings
Christine Schmidt
Paul Schmidt


Original Music written and performed by Boenel Productions







Peter Stoltzfus Berton, Conductor and Organist, and  The Zabriskie Memorial Church of Saint John the Evangelist, Newport, RI



Josh Csehak

Additional Photography

Ken Willinger
John Mahoney
Nathan Suher
Karen Iacobbo

Production Assistants

Aidan Norton
Lawrence Ferreira
Victoria S Rogers
Kim Kekligian Stamoulis
Cindy Menni Caulfield
Africia Ben
Lillian Horan
Mary Mierka



Karen Iacobbo
Rosie Guerra
Mayra Barbara Gonzalez Guerra
David Joaquin
Kim Hobby


Lauren Buckman
Rosie Guerra

Hair Styling

Alicia Adames
Stephanie Amato