October Meeting

September Meeting

August Meeting

June Meeting - Election of Officers

May Brunch at Parellas

RIRCC Special State Republican Candidate Forum March 19 2023

RIRCC Meeting March 4 2023

RIRCC Meeting February 2023

RIRCC Meeting January 2023

RIRCC Christmas Party at Twin Oaks Dec4, 2022

Post Election Meeting, Nov 13, 2022

Professor David Clements Addresses RIRCC in October 2022 on Election Fraud

Dr. Douglas Frank addresses audience gathered in the Laurel Grange in May

Dr. Frank with RICASE2000 Officials

Mike Stenhouse speaks to RIRCC Oct 5, 2022

Below: Some pics of the event


Special Meeting RIRCC August 25, 2022

General Assembly candidates  2022) speaking at RIRCC brunch on August 6, 2022

Allyn Meyers, Candidate State Senate District 10 ( July  9 , 2022)

RIRCC July 9 Brunch

RIRCC June 4 Brunch

RIRCC May 7 Brunch

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RIRCC April 2

RIRCC March 5 Brunch

RIRCC Meeting 2/5/2022

                                            Chris Arsenault on Elections

The National Anthem

RIRCC Christmas Party Dec. 2021