May 11, 2024


“Sometimes life pays close attention to our beliefs.”

In 2013, Providence Lyceum’s short, narrative film ‘The Unproductive’ was screened – in entirety –

on The David Knight Show, at, the largest independent media outlet in the world.

Mr. Knight praised the film. The film generated numerous passionate comments from viewers.

The medical topic of the powerful film is more relevant in 2024 than it was eleven years ago!

The film is also back in the director’s cut!

A narrative short in a Twilight Zone-like style, but with more twists, ‘The Unproductive’ is twenty-two minutes long, the same length of an episode of the old television series.

‘The Unproductive’ screened at the 4th Annual 5-Day SENE Film, Music & Arts Festival, held in Providence, RI., and at the Pawtucket Film Festival in that nearby city. The film was accepted into the SENE festival based upon an audience voting at a public screening held in Providence at Rhodywood, also known as Brooklyn Coffee & Tea House.

‘The Unproductive’ is the first film from Providence Lyceum, a communication company established in 2010 by two Rhode Island natives, writers Michael Iacobbo and Karen Iacobbo.

‘The Unproductive’ is a dark tale of the euthanasia issue and is a film is taken quite personally by some viewers. In fact, at one screening of the film, an audience member burst out in tears and said the film eerily represented what had happened in his life.

Karen, a journalist, author, and award-winning short story writer, wrote ‘The Unproductive’ screenplay and directed and produced the film. Michael, who was a reporter for The Associated Press, added his flair to the script, and was a producer and the production manager of the film.

It was Karen’s dream to make films that people in the know on current events could find people similar to themselves represented on screen. New to screenwriting, but an experienced professional writer, Karen didn’t want to take the traditional route of sending screenplays to Hollywood, and instead was encouraged by professional filmmakers and then enlisted the skills and talent of a local cast and crew for technical know-how in making a short film. The Iacobbos turned to The 989 Project and their crew, to fine arts photographer Chris Garrison, and Fred Tindall accomplished film editor.

A fictional story, ‘The Unproductive’ is set at a hospital and is a provocative look at effects of the euthanasia debate on a relationship: euthanasia can divide and devastate, as well as create a sense of helplessness at having to make a life or death decision. The story also touches upon the differences between independent and legacy news media; that is, the conflict this causes between two cousins whose perceptions of reality are shaped by quite different news media sources. ‘The Unproductive’ was somewhat influenced by the corporate news media circus that surrounded the Terri (Schindler) Schiavo saga, which occurred in 2005, and the independent media that presented aspects of Mrs. (Schindler) Schiavo’s situation otherwise unreported.

 ‘The Unproductive’ is the first lead role for talented Brazilian-born actor Andre Correa. Leading lady actress Sarah Nicklin, a local talent and favorite, who stars in other popular indy films. Other locals include the role of Narrator played by Connecticut actress and broadcaster Suzanne McCormick, and Rhode Island actor David Graziano as is the Doctor. Another Rhode Islander, Peggy Passarelli, is the Reporter. Television and film actor and model Margot Muraszkiewicz, who was the stand-in for Jeri Ryan of the TV series Body of Proof, plays mysterious Doctor Bernadette. The background actors, as protesters or in other roles in the film are: Ray DiTomasso, David Nuovo, John Faiola, Beatriz Lopez, John Douglass, Christopher Johnson, Linda Colvin, Stephen Babbitt, Kimberly Morales, Chris Esper, Lare Short, Louise Short, Angela Ford, Michael McHale, Erica Mills, Patrick Campbell, Father Roman Manchester, Joseph Burke, and Allie Kaye. Local singer and songwriter Patricia Overdeep, also a singer in the film, wrote and performed the song ‘Choose Life’ for the film.

Filmmaker Karen Iacobbo says she hopes the film will “entertain and give the viewer a twist and turn ride.” The film was shot at the New England Institute of Technology in East Greenwich, with some shots at the Blackstone Valley Visitors Center in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

Michael Iacobbo and Karen Iacobbo’s second short film, the feature ‘House of Shadows’, takes the viewer into the Victorian era, and is a Gothic tale somewhat in the style of ‘Dark Shadows’ meets ‘Twilight Zone.’ The film was shot at Victorian mansions in Rhode Island. Actors Suzanne McCormick and Peggy Passarelli of ‘The Unproductive’ are among the cast members.

  The lyceum movement was a social movement, begun in the 1830s in the Northeast United States, as well as the name of the places and organizations that held events.


  “To be awake is to be alive.” Henry David Thoreau  Walden  1854 401-339-0131